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Transforming one animation into another

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  • Transforming one animation into another

    So here's a tutorial on a very nifty technique I discovered on how to transform one animation, gradually, into another animation.

    So what I do here is animate two animations on the same layer.
    Then spread the first animation onto the first frame of a bunch of layers.
    then spread the second animation onto the second frame of the layers.
    then in-between all the frames of both animations.
    remove all the frames I don't need.
    And put all the frames together onto one layer so auto-color will work.

    Gonna throw in a feature suggestion here while I'm at it, as it is directly related:

    Matrix layers would be really cool. Like, layers specialized to not only tween one frame to another. But gradually tweening a whole animation into another one.
    The whole process is possible to do already as you can see. But it could be made way more convenient. While this method works pretty well, you can't go back and fix things easily and it could overall have been simplified and made much easier with a type of layer that in-betweens vertically as well as horizontally. And then create a simple way to choose which of the frames to show and hide.
    (Maybe, if one could find a good interface for it, one could create not just 2 dimensional matrixes, but even 3 dimensional ones and upwards, creating possibilities for even more complex in-betweens.)

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    Hello Krisoyo, this is a very clever approach. It does require quite a few steps, but as a whole it was effective. I will share this with the team, as well the "Matrix Layer" suggestion. Thank you for posting all of this great tutorials!
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      That's really cool! It's amazing how you all experiment and come up with all these innovative ways to use cacani. I'm quite "by the book" in comparison, so it really blows my mind every time I see new ways to use Cacani Thanks for sharing!