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Making a trailing line

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  • Making a trailing line

    Potentially useful little trick for making a line trail perfectly into the next. It's more of an illusion of it really, but it works.
    Limited potential for playing around with the line thickness though, due to the nature of it.
    To explain it in words, it's simply moving invisible lines across another line to section off which parts of it should be visible and which should be hidden.

    First time I'm making tutorial video things, so it might be a bit rough.

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    This is very clever and creative approach. Please continue experimenting and posting your findings. Everyone will benefit and grow together through sharing new approaches. Thanks!


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      This is random, but I had no idea you were a guyXD So I was quite surprised when I heard your voice lol. So about the tutorial, looks quite useful, especially the first part I wonder if such technique can be applied to shapes as well rather than lines only. Quite a cool tutorial, thanks for sharing!


      • Krisoyo
        Krisoyo commented
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        Haha, yeah it's the internet after all, so those things happen.
        kinda like this you mean?
        Had to fix up the inbetweens with the segment tool though. If you look at the cel below you'll see how it was before that. It's a pretty quick process though.
        Or maybe like this:
        Or something else entirely maybe? @w@

      • QuirkiDigital
        QuirkiDigital commented
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        Yea, like those! I wasn't expecting the second one haha, so moving along a wavy line works too, interesting Thanks again for the tutorial! I've already put it into practice for something I'm working on currently hahaXD

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      I really liked this tutorial. Nicely done.