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Camera smooth pan/zoom movement?

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  • Camera smooth pan/zoom movement?

    Hi, I recently bought a subscription for CACANi, I've been looking for a tutorial on Camera Movement.

    I found the official tutorial for camera movement (
    however from the looks of it the camera movement looks like it must be manually moved frame by frame. Is there a way to control the camera so that it will move smoothly between the 2 keys? I'm also curious as to why the camera frames are linked to cells and not the scene as a whole. I'm not looking to do final camera movement in CACANi, but it is helpful to see a preview of the scene before exporting it for compositing.

    I look forward to your response.

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    If you select "Set In-Between to current cel" or "Set In-Between to all cel" on the Timing panel (the second two of three layer looking buttons below the timing chart,) and generate the inbetweens for that cel it will inbetween the camera position between the keyframes as well. It will not take into account the timing you have set for the inbetween and there does not seem to be any way to set it's movement to a curve.



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      Thanks for the help, I'll give it a try


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        Keep in mind that each cel has it's own camera. I usually create a cel just for the camera.