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  • RitaG
    I have watched over 16 of your tutorials at Youtube yesterday. They were very easy to follow. Thanks for sharing them at Youtube.

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  • Hongze
    started a topic Tools Panel

    Tools Panel

    Making animation drawings is the focus of CACANi! Because of that, we have designed tools that will help make the process of animation faster. These are organized in the Tools Panel. You will find a more in-depth look into these tools here.

    Tools Panel Playlist:

    Selection Tool (02:41)

    Stroke Editor (02:13)

    Drawing Tool 1 (02:36)

    Drawing Tool 2 (Cling Options) (03:46)

    Tracing Tools (01:58)

    Erasers (02:05)

    Feature Point Tool 1 (03:18)

    Feature Point Tool 2 (Auto Assign Points) (01:35)

    Bone Tool (03:12)

    Segment Tools (01:16)

    Clean up Tool (02:16)

    Stroke Width Tool (00:58)

    Painting Tools (03:05)

    Navigation Tools (01:06)

    Camera Tool (02:09)

    Offpeg Tool (01:04)