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How do I blur out a character or background (create depth of field)?

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  • How do I blur out a character or background (create depth of field)?


    I'm a new user who just got the perpetual CACANi licence.
    I can't find any tutorials on how to have a blurry background or character in CACANi.

    Is there anyone who knows how to do it?


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    Cacani, as an animation software, is really good for creating animations. It's not the best at creating video effects, however. You will probably need to export it into a video editing software. I would recommend exporting your background as an image or image sequence, depending on if it's animated or not, and make sure your background is the only thing you export (hide the other layers using the eye button before you export). Next, export your foreground or character animations as an image sequence. Make sure the background is hidden when you export your foreground animations. After that, import both of them into a video editing software (I have a mac, so I use Premiere Pro, and before that, I used to use iMovie. I'm not sure what kind of video editing programs are on Windows, sorry!), and put the foreground layer on top of the background layer. Now you can individually give each layers some effects, whether it be shading effects, lighting effects, or blurring effects, like the one you're looking for! I hope this helped!